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Pro Image Car Care works with the auto industry elite. 

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We provide comprehensive care for all of your auto event needs.
Here’s a list of some of the services we provide:


  • Fleet Preparation & Maintenance

  • Wheel-wells Cleaned/ Tires Dressed

  • Spotless Windows/ Acid Rain-spots Removed /Water-spots Removed

  • Carpets Shampooed

  • Interior Vacuumed/Interior Plastic Removed

  • Detailed Motor/Rocker Panels Cleaned

  • Hood, Trunk, Doorjambs Cleaned

  • Remove Labels/Match & Mount Monroney Labels

  • Exclusive Floor Supervisor & Staff

  • Hourly Exhibit Maintenance (i.e. Trash Removal, Dust & Fingerprint Removal, Restocking Literature, etc.)

  • Delivery of Vehicles/ Drive In-Out

  • Tape Gas Caps & Batteries

  • Receive Vehicles at Staging Area/Disconnect Batteries

  • Apply Exterior Glaze to All Chrome & Paint

  • Align Wheel Caps

  • Collect & Inventory Vehicle Keys

  • Remove Accessories (i.e. Owner Manuals, Knobs, Shift Handles, Floor Mats, Cigarette Lighters, etc.)

  • Maintenance of Show Floor Carpet

  • Vehicle Transportation


Pro Image Car Care specializes in offering first-class auto-detailing services to car manufacturers seeking the finest quality automobile event support. Our staff has decades of auto show and detailing experience, and will work tirelessly and exclusively with you to ensure your next event is a success. We use only the finest products in making your cars look their absolute best, while our competitive pricing program allows us to work within your budget.


Pro Image knows that maintaining your image is as important as maintaining your cars, so we prioritize professionalism and courtesy at every event, every time. Let Pro Image take care of the details of your next car event. We focus on the details, so that you can focus on the consumer.

We can handle all aspects of car care for any automobile-related event, large or small. Our combined decades of experience enable us to expertly assist in a multitude of ways:
Car Shows

We’re there every step of the way, with our eyes on absolutely every last detail, to make your cars stand out for all the right reasons!

Dealer Vehicle Launches

We work closely with dealerships to prepare new fleets for immaculate rollouts.

Sporting Events

Featured vehicles at sporting events must be maintained and showcased beautifully. We have ample experience in flawless presentation.



Successful ride-and-drive events can be powerful tools in educating and exciting your sales and service teams. We make sure your vehicles are presented pristinely, so that your ride-and-drive event can help your business flourish.


Introductory Tours

You want your cars to be experienced as they were meant to be…clean, new, gleaming. We work tirelessly to guarantee that every prospective customer will see your automobiles looking better than if they had just rolled off the line.





Tel: (248) 854-2140

21872 Wilshire Circle, Macomb, MI 48044


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